⭐️ Cooking In Tandoor Ovens Is An Adventure Inspired By Taste ⭐️

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James Merson
Must have tandoor.

If you really value tandoor cooking, this is the only way to go. They use ‘Chamotte’ clay which is very important
and the design and construction is perfect for your cooking in many ways. The skewers are held in place perfectly.
Don’t forget to season the inside walls before use. You will never regret buying this tandoor which gives great
pleasure and satisfaction. It is also a regular talking point with guests too. Many thanks.!

Colin Marwood

Excellent it’s been a lot of fun

Ian Reynolds
Tandoori presant

What a great company with great products

Sharon Rogers
Excellent all round service

Would highly recommend,delivery service and contact was excellent. Product very sturdy and easy to use,looking forward to using more over the summer months

Great buy !!!

We have found it by chance browsing the E Bay, and what a great find it was... It's a perfect size for the family (8 skewers) and can feed the group up to 8 people ! Immediately we have marinated pieces of lamb overnight and next lunch have delicious meal out of tandoor :))). Taste was amazing.. much tastier then you can have from BBQ!!! Yammmmm....!!! Meat also cooked evenly and remains very tender and full of flavour. All you need to heat up the tandoor as per instructions ( I would say it took us abt 1 hr or little more), place skewers in tandor, close all openings and just wait 25-20 mins... and its done ! Have no doubts to recommend it to anyone ! Bon appetite :)))