⭐️ Cooking In Tandoor Ovens Is An Adventure Inspired By Taste ⭐️

Naan Bread is a flat, yeast bread whose main ingredient is white flour. It is a popular dish in India, very often served with garlic, black cumin, butter or fenugreek.


  •  2 cups of flour (preferably wheat)
  •  half a glass of water
  •  2 tbsp oil
  •  a teaspoon of sugar and yeast
  •  4 tbsp of skim milk We sift sugar with flour, add yeast, water, milk and oil

we knead until we get a smooth mass. We make one ball from the whole dough, then leave it in a bowl under cover for about an hour. After this time, we spread some flour on the board and put a ball of dough on it. We divide it into about eight parts, each forming a small ball, which we leave for about 10 minutes. Then we roll out the mass into thin pancakes, which we place on a wet surface so that we can then stick them to the hot sides of the tandyra. When the bread is ready it will inflate, breaking away from the oven surface - you should feel this moment and remove the bread in advance.