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Rahul P
Great Product

Very well built clay oven. The delivery service was a huge bonus as was set up in the garden. Highly recommend. The team are very helpful whenever you call them

Ilona Szolc
Absolutely in love!

Our Tandoor Oven arrived within a couple of days with full instructions and lots of useful additional equipment (paid additionally, well worth it!) to be used for various dishes (e.g. Cast iron pan, etc.). First we gradually heated up the clay oven to 200* as instructed. We trialled the oven for cooking the very next weekend and were surprised how easy and quick cooking ‘happens’, once it has been properly heated up! My absolute favourite side are seasoned potato wedges cooked in the cast iron pan under shish kebabs - the juices from meat drip over them and add more exquisit flavour! The hairline cracks appeared but this was expected and absolutely normal for clay to be doing that. Overall, extremely satisfied with our purchase: looks stunning in our garden and the food from it is mouthwatering. Highly recommend investing in one!

Grigore Borta

Tandoor Oven for Your Home: INDIA 85L

Paul Williams
Best thing ever.

Firstly let me start with the customer service. From the moment you place your order or ask any questions before you place the order the help and customer service is for me just amazing.
I can not compliment this company enough and it is very clear to see this is all done through the love of what they do and wanting the customer to be happy with their purchase.
Now for the oven... again I just love it. Not only is it stunning to look at in the garden when the cover is off but the food cooked in this oven is nothing short of unbelievable. The hole experience of cooking in this oven to the smell of the food to the most authentic and flavoursome food you could ever expect. If your looking for a tandoor oven then look no further because from the help service aftercare and not forgetting the oven is just outstanding. Thanks guys for the oven and advice and help. All my neighbours have been commenting on the smells coming from my garden and also it cooks the most amazing naan bread..thank you.

Vincent Dahinden
Highly recommended

Fantastic product; it is a whole different level of cooking; I tried chicken, lamb, porc, even venison. The meat is seared while still incredibly juicy. It is essential to get the right amount of embers and oven temperature, but I feel I got there after half a dozen attempts. Witold was ever so helpful. I highly recommend it.