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Esual 70lcc with loads of extras

Excellent customer service with follow up calls.

Good solid item. First light up was really slow to bed the tandoor. After that i had a raging inferno! So easy to light up. Just left the vent open using a self light coal bah. Cooked the best lamb chops and kobeda kebab using beef lamb onion and spice mix blended in a food processor. Mighty fine kebabs.
Roasted full chicken on a lower heat regulating the temperature using a digital thermometer (£25). Next will try a slow cooked full lamb shoulder now that i am more confident. Will have a chicken burger for lunch and then slow cook the lamb shoulder ready for evening. Used smoking chips wrapped in a foil ball. Cant wait to use the pine skwers and cast iron plate.

Overall very happy, its a masterpiece. Good enough as a stand alone item! Needless to say i love it

Delivery was swift and set up for me with sound advice about the differenr types of coals. Fire poker, spade, stand. Will order a two teir rack too.

Essaul could easily make 8 XL kebabs or three full chickens in one go. Or 24 lamb chops.

Height with the stand is perfect.

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